Review of Turkish Airlines Business Class

When it is going about traveling somewhere by airplane, it is very important to use the best bet — considering the distance, price, and facilities. Yes, there are many various airlines, but still, Turkish Airlines is one of the best among others. They use various airplanes, which have the best seats. Also, their service is fantastic. So, let’s look through the reviews of Turkish Airlines business class.

Anyway, have you ever flew with Turkish Airlines before? This guest post might help you to find out about Turkish Airlines! 🙂


The Fleet

The fleet of the Turkish Airlines comprises A 330-300s, A 330-200s, B 777-300 ERs, A 321-200s, A 340-300s, and some others. All the models are new and have the high-quality equipment.



In accordance with the passengers’ reviews, Turkish Airlines try to make your flight as comfortable as possible. That is why they pay too much attention to their seats. Turkish Airlines business class designed special seats for their passengers. You will have the possibility to use such options as power supply, ability to convert your seat into the cozy bed, power socket, adjustable and rotating food table, reading lamp, the facility to screen off the private space, and chair massage. You can read more information on the following link



Actually, dinning is one of the main things during the flight, especially when it takes more than two hours. While flying with Turkish Airlines business class, you will have an opportunity to try the fantastic cuisine. Usually, they can present you Turkish and world cuisine, which will be served in gorgeous porcelain tableware. All the meals are always fresh and taste delicious.



One of the main benefits of flying with Turkish Airlines business class is that they offer various promotions. The main promotion of this airline is Miles&Smiles. With this option, you can utilize the miles you collect to purchase various award tickets for Turkish Airlines and Star Alliance flights. Also, if you are the member of Miles&Smiles, you can have the access to Turkish Airlines and Star Alliance Lounges. Moreover, you will get all the services they provide absolutely free of charge. By the way, you can reap the advantages of last minute upgrades.


Credit Cards’ Options

There are special options while using special credit cards. For example, you can earn miles while shopping with your Miles&Smiles credit card. In general, you can earn miles automatically while using your credit card. After that, you will have the opportunity to purchase award tickets.


Preferential Check-in

When you take the business class, you can avoid long queues in the airport by checking in at one of their dedicated business class counters.

directions at skytrain terminal 2 station, jakarta international airport


Extra Baggage Allowance

If you choose Turkish Airlines business class, you will get the extra baggage allowance. It means that you can collect your baggage even faster after the flight, as you have a business class priority label.


Amazing Window Views

However, Turkish Airlines provide their passengers with amazing window views. Not all people prefer to sleep during the flight. That is why they try to do everything possible and impossible to make your trip as interesting as feasible. So, be sure, while choosing this airline, you will see amazing window views or just be busy with various entertainments.


Well, now you know the main benefits while flying with Turkish Airlines Business Class. You can get the best service at low price. All the airplanes are new with the high-quality equipment. So, you just can relax and sleep during the whole flight or try various entertainments. In any way, you will like such flights.

information board at jakarta’s soekarno hatta international airport

For Jakarta’s Soekarno Hatta International Airport, Turkish Airlines operates on Terminal 2 (please let me know if there’s any updates). Click here to read my guidance using the airport’s skytrain: Skytrain, Connecting The 3 Terminals in Soekarno Hatta International Airport, Jakarta


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  1. Ketika baca mesti roaming dl nih 😀

    1. Kok roaming mas? Kan masih bahasa manusia 😀

  2. buat bagasi maksimal berapa koper kak? 😀

    mantep banget artikelnya udah internasional 😍

    1. Halo. Ini guest post sih, hehe. Tapi aku bantu jawab ya, bagasi maksimal per 2017 udah 30 kg.

  3. Mantap kak fotonya, itu ngefoto naik apa kak

    1. baling-baling bambu

  4. oh haha, iya 30kg.

    penasaran jadi cek ke web airlines tadi.
    1 orng min 2 pcs koper buat 30kg itu hihi

  5. Hotelopedia · · Balas

    Ya Allaah mau dong naik pesawat kelas bisnis. Kalau enggak yang First Class juga gapapa hehehe.

    Selalu sukses bikin kepengen kalau membaca beginian. Gapapa sih, berarti jadi harus ada usaha lebih biar tercapai keinginannya.

    1. Nabung mas, lalu mulai dari rute yang deket-deket dulu hehe

  6. Fanny Fristhika Nila · · Balas

    Kalo business class ga udh diraguin lah yaaa.. Rugi aja bayar bisnis, kalo fasilitas ga bagus :D.. Suamiku yg pernah naik turkish airlines. Dia bilang sih oke, walopun favoritnya masih ttp emirates 😀

  7. Fanny Fristhika Nila · · Balas

    Kalo business class ga udh diraguin lah yaaa.. Rugi aja bayar bisnis, kalo fasilitas ga bagus :D.. Suamiku yg pernah naik turkish airlines. Dia bilang sih oke, walopun favoritnya masih ttp emirates 😀

    1. Aduh, Emirates… Impian sejuta umat hahaha

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