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4 Reasons Why Traveling is The Best Activity Ever

Traveling may not be easy for those who try to build a career or have a family to attend to. Once you plan to travel, you need to prepare the dates, money, health, and every official documents as a permit to enter a country. It means you have to ask some days off to your employer, apply for a passport (and visa, in some cases), and deal with your family for those who are married.

However, everybody needs to rest occasionally, and traveling may be the best choice you can get to rest. It has a lot of benefits for people of all ages, all genders. Going around the world or traveling across the country will give you so many new experiences to make you fall in love with life once again. No matter where you are, who you are, and what you do, you should try traveling simply because it is worth it. Really? Why?


Improving Your Geography Knowledge

Traveling refers to an activity where you go outside your city, your province or prefecture, your inhabitant island, or your country. It means you’re going to somewhere new! A new city, a new island, or a new country. This new experience gives you a deeper understanding about a place. Where it is, how the weather is, how many hours it will take from your city, and the list goes on.

both sides of new and old can be found in yangon, myanmar

For me, the furthest place I visited for traveling is Yangon, Myanmar, the northernmost country in Southeast Asia. This year, I dream to set my foot in an East Asian city. Be it Tokyo, Seoul, Beijing, Taipei, or just Hong Kong.


Learning New Culture

Traveling makes you realize how diverse our world is. Different countries in different parts of the world are culturally diverse and authentic. Even in my country, Indonesia, each province has different culture! This diversity makes the world rich, amazing, and lovable. You can see, feel, and learn how other cultures co-exist with each other and how people lead a different life. This new culture includes language, belief / religion, food, architecture, or the social life. So you don’t have to go to some remote villages or islands, simply explore the city and you’ll get it!

the ladyboys | mambo cabaret show, bangkok

Among the 6 countries I’ve ever visited (Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam, and Myanmar), Thailand is the one I love most. Its capital, Bangkok, is like a fusion of modern and traditional, where royal palaces and temples standing side by side with the skyscrapers. The people are friendly and helpful, despite their limited English. It is a paradise of food, shopping, and urban nightlife. What is the most culturally interesting country for you?


Getting New Acquaintances

Even if you travel with your girlfriend / boyfriend or friends, you will meet a lot of new people! In case you’re a solo traveler and need an accompany, try finding a date or a simple coffee mate on Isn’t it fun to have such dating possibilities while traveling? Meeting new people or befriends with the locals helps you learn the country’s culture as I mentioned earlier. More interestingly, they’ll give some travel hack to make your holiday unique. They may lead you to cheap delicious local restaurant or bring you to less touristy beautiful places.

taking a picture with a local girl in siem reap, cambodia

When I went to Bangkok, Siem Reap, and Ho Chi Minh City in 2015, I stayed with locals and met their local friends. They guided me to make my short visit unforgettable. They gave me their Facebook or Instagram accounts to keep our communication.


Being Active

Tired of seating and typing behind your working desk? Bored with the polluted cities you visit for work? Traveling will make you free! Take a walk to explore a new city, hike a mountain, drown yourself in the deep of lush jungle, or simply take a relax staycation on a hotel. Your energy need to be recharged in order to make your life balanced.

dad and son walking on the bridge with the pagoda at the background | chinese gardens, singapore

Being active refreshes your mind and body. Wear comfortable shirt, pants, and shoes. If necessary, add a hat, sunglasses, or an umbrella. You may gather with locals practicing Taichi, jogging, or work out on local parks. I love visiting parks just to see locals doing their daily exercise. What about you?


Well, now you know why and how traveling can make your life better. Traveling shows you the world and people in it, makes you understand the diversity. Traveling helps you make new unforgettable memories and lead you how to be active. So, pack your things and go traveling now. Who knows, your dating dream is waiting for you on your trip.


30 tanggapan untuk “4 Reasons Why Traveling is The Best Activity Ever”

  1. that’s awesome reasons… saya belajar banyak tentang geografi pada khususnya dari traveling. semakin sering traveling saya semakin sering membuka maps dan melihat tiap2 provinsi dan negara berbeda, bagaimana cara kesana dan apa saja yang ada disana… pokoknya nambah ilmu dan wawasan bangeet dahh

  2. I agree with the reasons you wrote.

    Your English is really good, I like it.

    What do you mean by ‘shirt visit’? It supposed to be ‘short visit’ or what? Or perharps, you just mistyped it?

      1. I think 2250 MYR are enough (150 MYR each day). But if you stay on a luxury hotel, visit some expensive tourist attractions, dine at fancy restaurants, buy lots of souvenirs, the budget might be multiplied.

  3. Poin nomer 1 setuju banget sih. Apalagi buat mereka yang memang selalu arrange tripnya sendiri. Mau nggak mau harus buka google maps & pelajari peta. Jadi, kalau buat first timer yang mau ke suatu tempat, belajar bahasa lokal itu penting, tapi mempelajari peta, iklim, dll yang berhubungan dengan geografi itu jauh lebih penting. Karena kalau pun nggak ketemu orang yang bisa bahasa Inggris, kalau kita bisa baca peta & terhubung internet, semua bakal jauh lebih mudah.

  4. Apalagi kalo waktu ngetripnya agak lama jadi bisa lebih banyak berbaur dengan org lokalnya, nambah2 temen pasti itu,
    Dan bener aku lagi bosen duduk di kursi kantor, sptnya butuh refresh nih ehmmm

  5. I love travelling: it helps to open our mind. You realize that there’s no one way to live life. Meeting people from other places will show you that your worldview isn’t the same as everyone else’s.

  6. Saya menyukai tulisannya,, tmksih sdh berbagi..
    Sesederhana apapun perjalanan kita, baik sendiri atau berdua atau lebih pasti akan sangat menyenangkan, yang penting setiap perjalanan dinikmati dan berani melangkah.. hehheheheee..
    Oy, smoga mimpi ny mnjdi kenyataan.. 🙂 Amin

  7. Dulu pas smu ada pelajaran geography, yg aku lumayan benci. Sebelah timur negara A berbatasan dengan anu. Sebelah utaranya berbatasan dengan inu, dll.. Aku bayanginnya aja pusing. Jadi yg ada hapal mati. Selesai ujian yaa lupaaa :p. Pdhl ternyata, setelah rutin traveling, banyak melihat peta, aku malah bisa dgn gampang menjawab yg sering ditanya pas smu dulu. Krn jd kebayang petanya, lokasinya, titik negara di mana, so ditanya sebelah utara timur selatan barar, jd tau apa berbatasan dgn apa :p

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