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Space Boutique Hostel: Recommended in Yangon, Myanmar!

I was a bit surprised when browsing a hostel for my trip in Yangon, Myanmar, on August 18-20. There were so many inexpensive recommended hostels in downtown Yangon, wrapped in a clean and pretty interior design. After a few minutes of thinking, comparing one hostel to another, I decided to stay at Space Boutique Hostel for 2 nights.

Referring to my previous experiences in other South East Asian cities, booking a cheap hostel means we have to deal with hard bunk bed, low light room, unsatisfying breakfast, or dirty bathrooms. But Space Boutique Hostel offers beauty, cleanliness, convenience, and super friendly staffs.

Rooms and Price at Space Boutique Hostel, Yangon

This pretty hostel can be booked from USD 8 / person / night for an 8-bed mixed dorm. Pretty cheap, right? Private rooms are also available for those who don’t mind spending more bucks. I booked this hostel from my favorite online travel website, Booking.com, and that was pretty easy. We pay the whole bill when we arrived at the hostel.

friendly staff of space boutique hostel, yangon

As many hostels do, the rule says that check-in time starts from 14:00 PM. But we arrived at around 10:00 AM, and — without asking allowance — we were greeted and permitted to enter our room. That was a big help for us! We landed at Kuala Lumpur International Airport on August 17, sleeping in that freezing airport, and caught a flight to Yangon the next morning. So, yes, we didn’t have enough proper sleep.

Strategic Hostel Location in Downtown Yangon

Space Boutique Hostel is located at the corner of Street 32 and Anawrahta Road. Five minutes walking to the famous Sule Pagoda, the bus stop, Mahabandula Park, Bogyoke Market, Chinatown, and Yangon Central Railway Station. Shwedagon Pagoda, Kandawgyi Park, and Karaweik Palace can be reached in 10 minutes bus ride. Further, Chauk Htat Gyi Temple, Nga Htat Gyi Temple, People’s Park and Square, and Inya Lake are about 20-30 minutes bus ride.

Street foods, air-con cafes, even shopping malls are surround the hostel, for example: Sule Square (a brand new and luxury shopping mall), KFC, and Junction City.

Please note that Space Boutique Hostel is at the 3rd floor of a building, above a clothing store. So, when you reach the corner of Street 32 and Anawrahta Road, look up carefully and you will see a round sign of Space Boutique Hostel. I think it’s just 2 or 3 buildings from Sule Square.

clean space boutique hostel, yangon
spacious shower of space boutique hostel, yangon
sinks of space boutique hostel, yangon
our 8-bed mixed dorm of space boutique hostel

From Yangon International Airport, we grab a taxi for 9 USD, the normal price is 10 USD. Going back to the airport charged 6.000 Kyat or 6 USD for a cab without air-con. When a driver offers their first rate for you, make a bargain. Airport taxi will ask 12 USD for the first time.

Hostel and Room Facilities

Space Boutique Hostel in Yangon, Myanmar, has a super cozy common room! The living room provides some chairs, a round table, some books, flat screen TV with both Burmese and cable channels, freezer, and free coffee from 7 AM to 4 PM. One thing I love most: this room has bar chairs facing a clear window! So you may sit on the chairs, drinking coffee calmly, while watching street scenes below. It’s fun, isn’t it? 😀

Showers and toilets are separated. They are spacious, clean, and well managed — largest hostel bathrooms I’ve ever seen! The hot water runs well and comfortable enough. Free liquid soap and shampoo are there if you need them.

I had a good sleep when staying at Space Boutique Hostel, Yangon. The beds are comfortable, clean, each are equipped with personal reading lamp and charging port. Two towels are prepared on each bed for its guest, formed in a bird shape. They were very sweet ❤

Unlike many hostels do, breakfast here is served by a male staff behind a bar. The staff prepares two slices of bread, a banana, and egg for us. Oh my God, I love the breakfast! While many hostels only have breads and instant coffee for the guests, Space Boutique Hostel offers more. Breakfast is from 7 – 9 AM only, so make sure you turn your phone alarm on! 😀

had my breakfast while watching the street scene
a male staff preparing my breakfast
satisfying breakfast of space boutique hostel, yangon
coffee maker of space boutique hostel, yangon

The coffee is brewed from a coffee maker. Guests may choose black coffee, cappuccino, chocolate, or latte, then add sugar as they want. This is very interesting service for a coffee-addicted guy like me.

Oh, I really enjoyed my stay at Space Boutique Hostel, Yangon. Cheap, clean, good location, good service, and good facilities. The staffs speak English, but the girl behind the front desk is better than the boys. I want to go to Yangon again, and I will undoubtedly stay at this satisfying hostel. If you have further inquiries about Yangon and the hostel, shoot me a message to teguh.nugroho8@gmail.com or find me on social media (see this blog’s sidebar). Stay tune for more reviews and stories about my trip in Yangon, Myanmar.


49 tanggapan untuk “Space Boutique Hostel: Recommended in Yangon, Myanmar!”

  1. Sounds like you’ve found a great accomodation choice! I love booking.com too, they’re fab! Loving your blog, your adventures look amazing ✨✨✨

  2. dan aku berasa bego banget liat tulisan berbahasa Filipina ini. wkwkwkwk…. berasa jet lag.. pernah ngalami jet lag parah, padahal waktu itu cuma ke Bali…. beda satu jam…. dan selama tiga hari pun masih bengong. jam nya kok beda sih? kok jam segini udah gelap dan sepi bgt sih? Kok aku bangun siang banget si, padahal di jamku masi pagi? wkwkwk… ini ni sama kayak ini….biasanya baca yg bahasa indonesahh ganti…. jadi bahasa Hungaria… #lebay…

    ini aku juga sambil itung2 Mas.. 9 usd dikali 13rb berarti 117ribuan taksinya.

    hostel 8 usd berarti…100ribuan. kok murah?

    1. Hahaha. Cobalah ke Singapura atau Malaysia, mas. Di sana, jam 7 malem itu baru mulai gelap 😀

      Taksinya agak mahal, tapi hostelnya murah bangeeettt. Di negara lain, harga segitu mah dapetnya hostel buluk yang kasurnya keras hahaha

  3. Sepertinya dari tahun ke tahun semakin banyak pilihan tempat menginap nih di Yangon. Dulu awal tahun 2012 saya nginep di hotel yang lumayan jauh dari Sule Paya. Kalau jalan kaki sekitar 30-45 menitan kalau gak salah. Terus dua tahun yang lalu saya nginep di satu hotel yang menempati gedung tua di sekitar Sule Paya nan sumpek tapi eksotis. Semakin banyaknya penerbangan ke Yangon sangat membantu industri pariwisata kota ini sih, ditandai salah satunya ya dengan semakin banyaknya alternatif tempat menginap. Di sana sempet nyobain mohinga gak Nug? Salah satu makanan sarapan khas sana.

      1. Dari 2012 ke 2015 aja perubahannya lumayan drastis. Mungkin next time ke Yangon bakal lebih banyak lagi yang berubah.

        Enak kaaan? Seger-seger gurih gimanaa gitu.

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